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This Church was founded in 1992 with the support of MEOS Mission in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our motto is to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ among the Tamil refugees who left Sri Lanka due to the war and presently living in Switzerland. Most of them are Hindus and Roman Catholics. We obey the Great Command of Jesus Christ “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Mathew 28:19) AND WE BELIEVE JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN We have started to build a church in Madurai ,south India ,where we are already supporting 30 refugee children from Sri Lanka and won their families to Christ . There is no churches available in that area and our missionaries are spreading the Gospel among 12 villages, and support us if God leads you.

  • Families struggle financially for essential things like food, school fees or rent. We want to support them in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to lead productive, fulfilling lives. Also, we plan to feed and build homes for the most vulnerable like widows in the communities. 

  • There is a need of a shelter for the children in this neglected community. Therefore, we want to create an environment of safety and home. For their wellbeing, healthy food and Christian foundational education is included. 

  • Young women and men live hopeless and without purpose; one of the reasons is that they don’t receive the needed training and encouragements from their schools. Therefore, we arrange seminars and small groups in order to restore their will power and energy.

  • There is a lack of appropriate medical help, which supports elderly, physically or mentally disabled people. Therefore, we provide free medical treatments in our medical camps. If you are interested in partnering with our work or need information on a relief or development issue, please see “contacts”.

All the glory and honor be unto God who makes us triumph in everything.

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