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I was born in Sri. Lanka in 1960 and was brought up in Roman Catholic Teachings. After I came to know that the idolatry is abominable to God, I wanted to seek what is truth. When I met Jehovah’s Witnesses incidentally, I thought that their teachings must be true, so I joint them. Because of civil war started in 1983 in Sri. Lanka, I came to Switzerland and sought political refuge. Even then I contacted Jehovah’s Witnesses in Switzerland and was taught by them. In the due course I came to know that their teachings are contrary to the Scriptures.

At this time I had been to an annual conference of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Zurich (1987). There, one Tamil brother met me and told that I was in a wrong place and led me with him to the church with which he worshipped. When I asked all the questions which were in my heart with the pastor of the church, he answered them all from the Scriptures with explanation.

Having known the truth of salvation, I immediately obeyed Christ’s command and was baptized (1988). I felt that I am called to ministry. But I was not ready to come. Because I was newly converted, I was unsure about how to do the Lord’s work in a foreign land. One day I was urged to read Mark 16. Thus when I read the Holy Bible, Lord spoke with me in my heart saying, ‘Come to the ministry without fear, for I shall remove the stones away’.

According to His word I married a Christian woman. During the marriage service itself Lord spoke through the pastor who came to the service and called me to the ministry. ‘You shall minister unto many people, yet you should not please man but you should please me only’. This was the prophecy given to me. Thus after God had spoken with me three times, my wife and myself prayed over this.

When I shared about this call with others, no one encouraged me. On the contrary they discouraged me. But when my wife and I prayed for the will of the Lord to be done, it happened for us to contact MEOS which is a missionary organization working among foreigners. In 1992 He helped us to start to work first time among Tamil political refugees in Switzerland.

He who called is faithful. This ministry, started with only two people, was blessed by God to grow so that now we have our ministries in Sri Lanka and India. He has given me a better half, a good counselor my wife Deborah in the ministries. And He has blessed my family with two boys. He has also given like-minded church people working with me in His vineyard.

All the glory and honor be unto God who makes us triumph in everything.

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